1. Which operator is used to access a member of a structure:
  2. a. "."
    b. "*"
    c. "&"
    d. ">"

  3. All the functionality of a union can be performed by a structure?
  4. a. True
    b. False

  5. A structure can be defined inside a structure
  6. a. True
    b. False

  7. Default values can be given to the members of the structure :
  8. a. True
    b. False

  9. What will be the ouptut of the following function call: fun4(4,3); where fun4 is defined as:
  10.     typedef struct S
                      int x;
                      int y;
        S func(S A, S B)
                      return B;
                      S a,b;
                      printf("%d %d\n",b.x,b.y);

    a. 10 60
    b. 20 60
    c. 40 50
    d. 80 30

  11. Arrays can be a part of the structure?
  12. a. True
    b. False

  13. One can define an array of structure variables?
  14. a. True
    b. False

  15. The following structure declaration is correct?
  16.     typedef struct X
          int x;
          int y=50;

    a. True
    b. False
  17. A structure is a collection of variables under a name .